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Plating Chemicals

Ishihara Chemical's metal surface finishing agents (plating chemicals) are used in surface treatment processes in order to join electronic components used in computers, office equipment, mobile phones, and digital appliances.

Although tin-lead solder plating chemicals were commonly used in such surface treatment processes in the past, a recent focus on environmental issues has led to restrictions on the use of lead in household and other products in the form of the RoHS Directive. Ishihara Chemical has moved quickly to comply with the directive by developing, manufacturing, and making available for purchase lead-free plating chemicals.

In the context of this business environment, we focus on providing products capable of improving joint ability of electronic components and printed circuit boards and of improving the reliability of electronic components. Our business is characterized by exceptional technical development capabilities for REACH-compliant plating chemicals, extensive evaluation capabilities for surface finishing by those products, and unparalleled technical service. In particular, our tin and tin alloy plating chemicals boast top share in the domestic Japanese market, and we are proud to have secured a leading position that outdistances our competitors.

To accommodate our customers' global businesses, we provide sales and technical support not only in Japan, but also in markets worldwide, particularly in China and throughout Asia.

We're also working to develop new products other than tin and tin alloy plating chemicals in an effort to better meet customer needs.

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